Coastal Roots Apothecary is a budding local business located on the South Shore of Massachusetts. 


The foundation of this company takes root in a small town south of Boston. The owners of Coastal Roots Apothecary are two comm(unity) herbalists who just so happen to be in love and share the same passionate goal to shed light on a holistic, plant-based way of life. 


 they meet...


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Samantha Carney
Co-Owner, Dreamer 

Her Story

I grew up in a small coastal town of Massachusetts where I spent a bulk of my childhood learning from my Grandmother. I always had a strong connection to nature and all of the hidden magic, but it wasn't until my freshman year at UMASS Amherst that I discovered a class called, The Herbal Approach to Women's Health. This is where it all began. I totally immersed myself with home herbalism; making my own body care products, plant-based medicine, and herbal loose leaf tea blends. As this passion grew stronger, it also grew wider - encompassing many different avenues of holistic health.

I spent time working at a local vegan juice bar, The Green Light, where I refined my eating habits and expanded my knowledge on plant-based nutrition. I began to pursue alternative healing modalities such as Reiki and ThetaHealing. After graduating Bridgewater University with a Health Studies degree and traveling around the country for a year, I began to feel a pressing urge to share my passion and knowledge with the community in a practical way. 

I am currently the wholesale manager of a natural skincare company, Lightning Willow Farm, the founder of Doorway of Light, a holistic healing practice and the co-owner of Coastal Roots Apothecary. I am honored and grateful to be bringing the sacred wisdom and healing of the plant kingdom to my community through herbal teas. (Creating alongside my beloved makes it all the more sweeter).

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Brandon Lynch
Co-Owner, Thinker

His Story

I grew up in Hanson, Massachusetts in your typical household with my parents, two siblings, and our family dog. My story starts at the age of 6 when I received my first instrument, a drum kit from my Dad. He was my best friend and hands down the  best musician and supporter I have ever had and I attribute that to his presence of love. He could light up a room in under a minute. His laugh was contagious. There was no difference between his stage presence and his life presence. He loved to see people laughing, smiling, and enjoying themselves.

In April of 2012, my life as I knew it had changed forever. My best friend, the man I had based my very existence off of, had passed away. My Dad had a zest for life but the things he enjoyed most eventually took his life at the age of 52. It was in those moments that I began to reevaluate everything I knew. I grew up watching my Dad indulge in alcohol and the average American diet, feeling as though if I followed in his footsteps that I was walking through a rite of passage. 2012 is the year that all changed and I cut out everything that contributed to my Father's death. I adapted a plant-based diet, cut out alcohol completely, and incorporated alternative medicine through herbal support and meditation. 

Today, I am a co-owner of Coastal Roots Apothecary, a musician and audio engineer,  and an advocate for holistic, plant-based living. I've always said that I am a product of love. Today I hold the lessons of my Father like a torch for others and am passionate about sharing my experience and knowledge with my community. 


they fall in love...

Maui, Hawaii 

Maui, Hawaii 

Mt. Shasta, California

Mt. Shasta, California

Our Story

We met in October of 2016 under some pretty extraordinary circumstances and the rest was history. We spent the next year traveling the country together, embarking on new adventures. It did not take us long to realize that we were brought together for a reason and we believe that reason is to combine our light to make a difference in the world together. With months of going back to the drawing board, we decided to start with what we know - herbal medicine. We have been creating an assortment of herbal products since the day we met. Each tea has been carefully blended over the past twelve months. We are proud to say that each of our tea blends are a product of love, healing, and nourishment.

and just like that, Coastal Roots Apothecary is birthed! 

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